Introducing Binyan Yisroel and an Update on JEWELS within Bais Yaakov

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Our community is blessed with many organizations to help families in various ways. Children with Learning Disabilities present a unique dilemma for many families. Indeed, the child may seem typical in their social perceptiveness, emotional development, and maturity. Yet, the disability often only reveals itself once the child faces classroom performance tasks. In some instances, the path for remediation is immersion in a skill-based program to provide individualized instruction for the child. Bais Yaakov has historically met the needs of many of these students within our excellent Learning Center support. However, in some instances it has been necessary to recommend the family to a non-Jewish program for this type of intervention.

That was true until this year. Under the direction of Mrs. Alana Weinberg, Binyan Yisroel was created to work with students in our community who meet this profile, and to provide them with quality instructional models within a Torah school environment. Bais Yaakov is proud to host the Binyan Yisroel Girls Division within our Upper Elementary program, in a dedicated classroom in our third-grade hallway. This will allow for the girls to interact and play with their fellow Bais Yaakov students during activity times throughout the day.

Bais Yaakov’s support of Binyan Yisroel reflects a commitment to help students with language-based disabilities, their families, and our Baltimore community.


Once again, we are excited to welcome JEWELS students for the upcoming school year, who are integrating with our first grade. We extend a special note of appreciation to Rabbi Yisroel Fuchs, Mrs. Shuli Bamberger, Mrs. Malki Lehrfield, and Mrs. Shani Bizouati of JEWELS for making this a reality, as we build on previous successes and expand our school program to integrate Jewel’s students. This joint program between JEWELS and Bais Yaakov builds on the legacy of Rabbi Mendel D. Freedman zt”l who over the decades of his ground-breaking leadership, provided a Torah chinuch with individualized accommodations for so many girls to maximize their potential. Our current partnership provides an environment for all girls to flourish with sensitivity to each student’s needs.

JEWELS students are integrated with a sister Bais Yaakov class for Kodesh and General Studies subjects and projects. They also have a dedicated classroom, where they can feel “at-home”. The room is embedded in the Lower Elementary wing which is proximal to all the areas they will access during the course of their day. In addition, their participation in extra-curricular activities will enrich their lives and make them feel welcome as part of the Bais Yaakov family.

The JEWELS – Bais Yaakov partnership will help these young ladies progress emotionally, behaviorally and academically in the months and years to come.

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