Interview with Cantor Avi Albrecht about his new trio, Cantori, and his musical tribute Kol HaLev- Voice of the Heart benefiting Laniado Hospital:

BJH: Cantor Albrecht, you’re retiring from Beth Tfiloh and being honored on Sunday, November 20th with a musical tribute – Voice of the Heart/Kol HaLev. Any thoughts you’d like to share?

Cantor Avi Albrecht: It’s been 27 amazing years at Beth Tfiloh – it isn’t easy to put it into words. I have many fond memories and relationships that I cherish. I have been a part of many BT family smachot and milestones. BT is my extended family. It has been a pleasure and an honor serving alongside Rabbi Wohlberg and more recently with Rabbi Posner. Bez”H I will stay connected as the Cantor Emeritus.

BJH: What will you be up to next?

CAA: I am forming a new trio, called Cantori, with my students who are outstanding singers: Yoni Rose and Benjamin Warschawski.  We’re actually debuting our new musical group at the tribute.

BJH: Is this a Chazzanus/Cantorial group?

CAA: Not really. I will let Yoni and Benny explain.

YR: Cantori will be performing a broad mix of styles. Our show will be a completely new genre of song and music with storytelling and showmanship as well. We are very excited to be debuting our new trio in our hometown of Baltimore!

BW: We’re reimagining classic songs. The vocal, music, and rhythm arrangements will be fresh and original. The presentation itself will be funny, inspiring, and interactive. Our musicians are top in the industry and our composer, Maestro Ronn Yedidia, is world renowned!

BJH: All of the Tribute’s proceeds are benefiting the new ICU at Laniado Hospital of Netanya, Israel. What’s the story behind that?

CAA: I wanted my Tribute to be connected with a tremendous mitzvah in Israel. Laniado Hospital was founded by the Klausenberger Rebbe, who lost his wife and 11 children in the Holocaust. He vowed that, if he survived, he would build a hospital in Eretz Yisrael that would be full of compassion to all. That was his response to the Shoah’s evil and hatred! Laniado’s current ICU only has 6 beds in a small room. The new ICU will have 17 beds, each in its own room. This is a great opportunity for a huge mitzvah and will help many people in need of hatzalat nefashot.

BJH: Any last thoughts?

CAA: Laniado is the only hospital in Netanya and Sharon serving 500,000 residents and numerous visitors from throughout the world, and they need our help! Saving a life takes precedence over all other mitzvot. 

Please partner with us! You can find all the info at or call/email 443.928.7404 /

In the zechut of helping Laniado Hospital, may you and your loved ones be blessed with a long and healthy life!

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