Honoring Heroes: JWV Post 167 Marches Proudly in Baltimore City Veterans Day Parade

BJLife Newsroom

In the heart of Baltimore, Veterans Day was marked by a spirited parade, and JWV Post 167 from the Greater Baltimore area left a mark despite the rain-soaked streets. Starting at the Washington Monument, the veterans marched proudly, undeterred by the weather.

Raindrops fell persistently, but JWV Post 167 showed resilience, embodying the spirit of service that defines Veterans Day. Beyond the ceremonial nature of the parade, our presence carried a historical weight—a reminder of why the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America (JWV) was founded.

In the years after the Civil War, there were cries that Jews had not risen up to come to America’s defense. To counter this, 63 Jewish Civil War veterans came together on March 15, 1896, in New York City to form the Hebrew Union Veterans.

The Baltimore City Veterans Day Parade culminated at the War Memorial Plaza near City Hall, a fitting location for reflection and remembrance. Here, JWV Post 167 stood tall, symbolizing the essence of Veterans Day and confronting the antisemitism that spurred the organization’s creation.

In the face of rain, historical echoes, and adversity, JWV Post 167 showcased the resilience and unwavering dedication of veterans in the Greater Baltimore area. Their presence in the parade served as a powerful reminder that the stories of veterans, especially those who faced discrimination, endure, even amid challenging weather conditions. Today, JWV remains committed to preserving Jewish military history and heritage, advocating for veterans’ rights, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among all who have served.

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