Efforts to Upgrade Fallstaff Playground

Councilman Yitzy Schleifer

Nothing better than watching a two-year-long project that we put a ton of work into come to fruition! I grew up in the Fallstaff neighborhood of District 5 and spent many days playing on the playground at Fallstaff Elementary Middle School – MD. Over the years, I have also taken my daughters there to play and noticed it was sadly deteriorating and becoming a hazard with countless nails sticking out and missing wooden planks. With all the fond memories I have of playing on that playground and now watching current students on the playground daily, I knew I had to act and get a new one for this generation of kids to play on.

I hopped on the project and immediately got to work as a member of the budget committee and negotiated until we made it happen.

I want to thank the consultants (my daughters!) who viewed the different options and helped select the equipment that is now there. The new playground is an asset to the entire community, and by adding horses to the design, we were able to tie in Pimlico Race Course, a vital staple of the 5th District.

I would also like to thank Jenny Morgan from Rec & Parks for all her hard work on the project, Budget Chairman Councilman Eric T. Costello & Baltimore City Council President Nick J. Mosby for their support of this project, and Mayor Brandon Scott for working with our office to include this in his budget to make this dream a reality. I hope that children throughout the district will come to play on this fantastic new playground!

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