Chayeinu Partners with OCA to Educate Middle School Students on Substance Use Prevention

Ohr Chadash Academy’s middle school students are the new experts on substance use prevention. Over the course of two interactive classroom presentations each, the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades separately learned from Chayeinu’s expert team of educators what substance use disorder is, focusing on preventative factors. The educators were Esti Ziffer, Chayeinu President; Dr. Michael Kidorf, Clinical Psychologist and Chayeinu’s Director of Education; Rachel Marcus, LCSW – C; Dr. Matthew Lebovits, Clinical Psychologist; Erich Kaufmann, LCPC; Jenna Adler, LCSW-C; and Mr. Yossi Oberstein. “As parents, we are so grateful when our child’s school partners with us to open, frame and address challenging conversations in  an effective way,” said Mrs. Amian Kelemer, parent of an OCA eighth-grader. “OCA is masterful at that – and in this case they identified a wonderful partner to help. We were so glad that Chayeinu professionals came to OCA  and presented a program for my son’s middle school class. The programming at school was so compelling that our son brought it home to dinner table conversation that night that is still continuing.”

She continued, “I also appreciate that even though my son is in the oldest class, developmentally appropriate content was being provided for other grades in order to build a spiraled and well-crafted experience that will ensure that all families have access to this kind of important conversation.”

Chayeinu thanks Ohr Chadash Academy for partnering in their mission of prevention of substance use disorder through education and awareness. To bring Chayeinu’s scientifically-backed curriculum to your school, please contact Chayeinu at 443.508.8164 or

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