Chaya Greenwald Fine Art

Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I was always drawing and doodling as a child, but I trace my foundation of my art skills back to the weekly oil painting lessons I took in high school with artist Gloria Moses (and I am very grateful to my parents who gave me the opportunity and luxury of those lessons!). I attended FIT in Manhattan and Maryland Institute College of Art after marriage, while continuing to grow my skills.  I started teaching oil painting classes to adults and teens 15 years ago (and still continue to do so) as my own art began to fill up more and more of my walls in my home.

What made you decide to sell your artwork?

People would always ask: “would you sell your art?”  My initial response was “No, I am so attached to each piece, how can I just give it away?”  When I work so long and hard on a painting, there’s a piece of me in it and I have a special attachment to it. But after a while I decided it was time to create more paintings, primarily Judaica, and start sharing it with the world. It was such an exciting new chapter in my life as an artist creating beautiful pieces of art and giving others the opportunity to enjoy them and brighten up their own homes.

Can you tell us a little bit of what your style is and what inspires you?

My main inspiration comes from beautiful photos of Israel, the Old City streets of Yerushalayim and anything that gives me an “Oh my gosh I need to make that into a painting” type of photo. I am a child of a Holocaust survivor. Seeing images of the old-time shtetl and days of simple Jewish life really bring out strong feelings and I want to get those feelings on a canvas to share with others.

I LOVE blues and vibrant colors to brighten up a space. It brings so much warmth to a room and makes the home so happy and bright. I’m the type of person that if there’s inspiration, I gotta get it on canvas like, NOW! I enjoy detail but I try to incorporate it with some more modern twists and abstract styles as well. I am blessed with a beautiful art studio in my home where I paint, teach my classes, and display my artwork for sale.

What stands out about your artwork compared to others?

I find that a lot of artists these days are creating artwork based on trends and styles of the time, or they only have one specific style of painting. I don’t have a ‘set’ style that defines me, which I think is unique in a sense that I can create so many different pieces and different styles of paintings.  One feature I would definitely say you will find in each of my pieces is lots of vibrant colors, some with gold or silver leaf as well.

Have you created any other types of art besides oil paintings?

Yes! I dappled in some water colors and actually LOVED the results! I have a couple of those in my collection. I have also created some prints of some of my paintings onto metal which is a new modern way of hanging art in your home. It’s sleek and shiny surface creates a very cool and modern look.

Additionally, I teamed up with Eli Shlossberg and created a collection of beautifully painted violins depicting scenes of Yerushalayim, Fidler on the Roof, Shiva Minim and some other non Judaic scenes.  We turned the musical instruments into collectors items!  A handful of them are now on display in a Gallery in Yerushalayim.

What are your price ranges and what different options do you offer as an artist?

Original paintings can go from $500 to over $5,000 depending on size and detail. I also offer print options and semi-originals for a handful of my paintings. This means the original painting is digitally scanned and can then be printed to any size you want on canvas, metal, and archival high-quality water color paper.  A semi-original is a print that I embellish with paint and or gold leaf on top to create a more original feel. It’s amazing what today’s technology can do to make a print feel original. All prints start around $300 and up. I do also take commissions upon request.

How can people reach you?

I can be reached via email at or you can find me on Instagram and message me there @Chayagreenwald_fineart.

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