Bikur Cholim of Baltimore is Expanding to Better Service our Growing Community

For decades, Bikur Cholim has worked tirelessly to service all the Bikur Cholim needs of our community. From kosher food provisions in hospitals and at home, dedicated in-hospital pantries and respite areas, home and hospital visitation, transportation, medical equipment loans, Shabbos and Yom Tov care packages, housing, vaccine clinics, and an ever-expanding role in patient advocacy, navigation, and referrals, Bikur Cholim has been there for those facing a medical need. Our dedicated professionals, Rabbi Pinchos Rabinowitz and Mrs. Bonnie Pollak, accompanied by numerous service coordinators and hundreds of community volunteers, work around the clock to provide for the Baltimore community and those coming from out of town seeking care from our world-class medical institutions.

As the community grows and more vital services are needed, Bikur Cholim is working hard to meet the demands.  Seeking to develop a stronger presence in over 10 hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the region, upgrade our numerous services, grow our volunteer base, launch new community-centric initiatives, and pursue the vision to provide a more robust patient advocacy service, Bikur Cholim is excited to announce the recruitment of a new Executive Director and transitory roles of our current staff.

Rabbi Moshe Dear has been recruited to serve as the new Executive Director of Bikur Cholim.
Rabbi Dear returns to Baltimore after over 25 years in leadership positions in Los Angeles and
Boca Raton and is a veteran of structuring and managing organizations to maximize their
impact.  Rabbi Dear’s executive role will enable Rabbi Pinchos Rabinowitz to dedicate his time
solely to assisting patients and their families navigate the complex medical world in the form of
medical referrals, clinical advocacy, and improved communication between patients and
healthcare providers. As the new Director of Clinical and Religious Services, Rabbi Rabinowitz will serve as the region’s primary liaison for optimizing medical care and improving patient clinical experiences. In addition, Rabbi Rabinowitz will expand his influence on educating hospital staff as to the religious nuances of our community, including sensitive end-of- life issues, medical halacha, Shabbos and Yom Tov observance and Kashrus needs. Mrs. Bonnie Pollak, serving Bikur Cholim for over 10 years, will serve as the new Director of Operations, overseeing all non-clinical Bikur Cholim services provided for patients and their families. Constant communication with the service coordinators and dedicated volunteers will ensure our community continues to receive the excellent services Bikur Cholim provides.

We look forward to enhancing our current activities and launching even more programs in the
near future. We thank the broader Jewish community for your generous support. For more
information, find us at To reach our dedicated staff, request
services, or to volunteer, please call 410.999.3700, or email us at

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