Baruch “Barry” Rosenbluth

Tell us about yourself, where are you from?

My name is Baruch “Barry” Rosenbluth, I am 28 years old, born and raised in Baltimore and I am the general manager at Tov Pizza.

Tell us about your family?

My parents are Ronnie and Sandy Rosenbluth, I am the youngest in my family. I have 2 amazing older sisters, Tova Sonnenblick and Mikki Wassner.

What’s the story behind Tov Pizza and what motivated you to work for  your father’s business?

Tov Pizza was founded by father and the Rosenbluth family in 1984. The pizza is delicious and the restaurant is iconic. It still maintains its charm although the menu continues to evolve. After learning in Yeshivas Aderes HaTorah (“Senters”) in Eretz Yisroel, I started going to college and working for my Dad’s pizza shop part time. It didn’t take me long to realize that pizza was my inborn passion.

What makes your business unique?

Tov Pizza is the longest standing kosher restaurant (39 years) in Baltimore. It has remained in the same location throughout that time. Tov Pizza has been serving our community for generations! So many Baltimoreans consider Tov Pizza a big part of their childhood and return for a sense of nostalgia (and good pizza!).

Who inspires you in the Jewish community?

I find Baltimore to be a city of people who care. There are so many people who are genuinely interested in my success and will do whatever they can to assist and guide me.

What professional achievement are you most proud of?
We love to open our doors for Chesed. For example, we have had the honor of hosting the amazing organization Yachad, on the first Monday of every month for the last 10+ years. Recently we’ve been fortunate to host a newer organization called BGcubed, run by Jaqueline Sova, that has almost 100 high school girls.

What has working in Tov Pizza taught you?

That pizza can be ordered like steak. Some people like it well done, medium, or rare. It has also taught me how to communicate with all types of people.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

There are good days and there are stressful days. Try to focus on the good days.

What’s the best advice you can give someone who is early in their career?

Don’t give up too fast. I have countless friends who jump from job to job with little patience to let things work itself out. Sometimes determination is the best route.

What was the strangest question you were asked?

That’d be a tie between, 1) Someone asked me what type of cheese I use in our mozzarella sticks (mozzarella), and, 2) How big is an 18 inch pie (about a foot and a half)!

What’s an off menu item that our readers should be asking for?

We sell Zeppolis (deep fried mini dough balls topped with powdered sugar), and Rotef sauce that I personally created (great for pizza and fries).

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Pineapple does not belong on pizza (unless you are related to Freidy Sugar)!

Do you have any hobbies?
Playing Ping Pong and watching sports.

What is something you are incredibly passionate about?
Besides for pizza, I am a die hard Ravens fan and slowly coming back to the O’s.

What different menu items are you having for the Nine Days?

Our new menu items like cheddar fries and cheese nachos have been a big hit with the community. Also, we have revamped our Impossible Burger. We will also be extending our hours to 9:30pm every night during the 9 Days.

Any other exciting improvements coming up?

You will have to wait and see as we are approaching our 40th year of serving the amazing Baltimore community! Big things are coming!

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