Baltimore’s Kedushas Yisroel (Park Heights) Celebrates a Shabbos Hachnasas Sefer Torah

BJLife/Isaac Draiman

A beautiful and unique Hachnuseas Sefer Torah took place this Chodesh Elul in the Chassidish Shul Kedushas Yisroel on Park Heights Avenue. 

The Torah was written by one of the Choshive yungerleit of the Kollel Kehal chasidim, who has saved up over the last years specifically to be able to be mekayem this special Mitzvah. What made it unique was the discreet manner in which it was presented in an event that was, although modest, very uplifting and inspiring, the air vibrating with the members’ collective passion and simcha shel mitzvah.

It began on Thursday night (parshes Shoftim) when the final letters of the Torah were written by the members of the Kehilla and the chasidishe kollel, including the Rosh Kolel and newly appointed Rav, Rabbi Amrom Jungreis, Shlita, and Rabbi Nesanel Kostelitz, shlita, Rav of Kehal Machzikei Torah. 

On Shabbos morning before Krias Hatorah, all Bnei Hakehilla, young and old, gathered together for this momentous, unique event which will be indelibly etched in the hearts of all in attendance, when the Sefer Torah was brought in by the Rav, shlita, to which the kehilla started dancing with a great simchas hatorah. After davening, a gala Kiddush was served in honor of the event, where the chashuveh yungerman that donated the Sefer Torah spoke with emotion thanking Hashem for the zechus he had to be mekayem this great Mitzvah.

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