Baltimore Technology Triumphs

Real Estate Clients from the One Above

Breaking into the real estate agent market in Baltimore was tricky. I worked hard to make the necessary marketing choices to promote my business. Slowly, but surely, I began to get clients. Several months ago, I started to feel uncomfortable with using Instagram as an advertising strategy. I found myself checking it more often than necessary, and I didn’t like where it was taking me. With a surge of inspiration, I deleted my Instagram account and with one click lost that free advertising opportunity. 

Suddenly, and I am not exaggerating, my business exploded. New clients were calling and my business soared, Baruch Hashem. The message could not have been clearer- business comes from the One Above and not from any advertising venues. 

Did You Know?

Although iPhones and iPads have a reputation of being foolproof, this is somewhat of a myth, as there are quite a few loopholes and workarounds. Using the Apple restrictions to filter the browser (‘limit adult content’) is not ideal, as you are relying on Apple to decide what it considers ‘adult content’. You can, however, set up a whitelist, a listing of the select sites that you can access from this device. Also, when there are system updates, previous settings can become dated and result in gaps in your protection. GenTech offers a free profile that closes many of the potential issues resulting from upgrades. It can be installed by TAG to run in addition to the Apple restrictions. 

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