Baltimore’s New Chabad Mesivta Expands Faculty and Premises


The newly established Baltimore Mesivta has expanded its faculty to accommodate additional talmidim, and has secured the property adjacent to its Bais Medrash for use as its dormitory, has learned.

“After lengthy negotiations, the mesivta’s hanhala was able to secure a recently renovated property just across the street of the bais medrash for use as the dorm,” the mesivta’s founding menahel and maggid shiur Rabbi Mendel Kaminker says. “Naturally, this location is truly ideal and convenient, and will also enable us to look after the wellbeing of the talmidim throughout the day, without the need of being in two separate locations.”

“Also, the mesivta has expanded its faculty”, continued Rabbi Kaminker, “to accommodate additional talmidim, and bez”h will have 2 classes.” The expanded faculty includes: 

Rabbi Mendel Kaminker – Menahel/Maggid Shiur; 

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sufrin – Maggid Shiur; 

Rabbi Aron Goldberg – Mashpia; 

Rabbi Sruly Bressinger – Mashpia; 

Rabbi Mendy Vishedsky – Bochurim mentorship and Farbrengens.

The mesivta is located in Baltimore’s Greenspring neighborhood and is based in a newly-renovated and beautifully-furnished Beis Medrash, fully stocked with an all-new library of sifrei nigleh and chassidus. 

Along with a newly-built state-of-the-art mikvah, nourishing meals, dedicated staff and comfortable dormitory facilities, the new Mesivta will be a place of personal growth and success for its talmidim b’gashmius ub’ruchnius

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