Bais Yaakov’s Impressions Auction Draws Rave Reviews

By: Mrs. Liba Steen

This year’s Bais Yaakov Impressions Auction on November 21st, promised to be NEW and like no other, and asserted that one had better be game! The challenge was presented; who could resist? Within a few short weeks, the event was completely sold out, with over 500 admission tickets purchased and over 12,000 prize tickets sold. Expectations were high and anticipation was mounting.

The hype was real. The Impressions Auction Event was a smashing success!

Attendees gushed that the event was, “next level!” They praised the “elevated ambience and décor” at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton and declared Catering by Yaffa’s lavish buffet “superb and beautifully presented.”

The auction was spearheaded by a powerhouse team of devoted Bais Yaakov mothers, board members and alumnae, led by Mrs. Perri Goldenhersh. For months they worked tirelessly, hand in hand with Bais Yaakov’s development office team, under the leadership of Rabbi Aaron Gross. They meticulously planned an event with the goal of bringing together the women of our community to enjoy, relax and reignite our love and commitment to Bais Yaakov. With the help of over twenty dedicated parent volunteers, every detail of this elaborate evening was carefully planned and flawlessly executed. On the night of the event each guest was made to feel welcome, appreciated and embraced by the Bais Yaakov family.

The evening’s entertainment featured an innovative escape room style challenge designed to delight and engage every attendee. Women at each table worked together to beat the clock, finding answers to a multitude of creative riddles and befuddling brainteasers.

The game included maps, mivchanim, music soundbites, a Dr. Seuss book, hidden messages and multiple padlocks.

The puzzles were a challenge! To ensure that no one got stuck, twenty Bais Yaakov high school students circulated the room, cheerfully offering hints to frazzled

puzzlers. Congratulations to the winners at table 26! In 34 minutes they managed to ‘escape’ with their ‘diploma’.  Each received a $50 Amazon gift card.

Chani L., like so many others who participated, declared, “This was the best entertainment ever! The game was brilliant, phenomenal! I loved that we all got so involved and were cheering each other on.  What a fun bonding experience!”

The feelings of joy and togetherness grew as the attendees viewed “the most heartwarming and delicious video” produced by Avi Dear. The upbeat music video featured hundreds of Bais Yaakov students at every age and stage, preschool through high school, buoyantly dancing and singing their way through the halls of Bais Yaakov in simcha and achdus. What nachas!

The night concluded with Mrs. Hinda Moskowitz entertaining the crowd with a comic monologue as she drew the names of the 80 auction winners. Mazel tov! To view auction prize winners please visit our Impressions Auction website at We hope you enjoy your prizes in happiness and health! A special mazel tov to beloved teachers, Mrs. Chaya Bracha Waldbaum, Mrs.

Miriam Levy, and Mrs. Malka Waldman, who won the three Treat the Teachers prizes. Much appreciation is extended to the over 500 wonderful parents who showed their hakoras hatov by contributing tickets on behalf of our faculty.

The success of an event lies in its lasting IMPRESSION. As Huvie (BY Class of ’19) said, “This was so beautiful. The food, the game, and the video were exceptional! Everything about the event was amazing! But more importantly than that, I felt proud to be part of this, proud to be part of something bigger…I felt proud to be a Bais Yaakov alumna.”

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