Bais Yaakov Teams Achieve Stellar Results!

Both the Bais Yaakov Robotics Teams, under the guidance of Mrs. Ora Attar and Mrs. Sarena Schwartz, and the Debate Team, under the guidance of Mrs. Leeba Steen, achieved stunning results in their respective interschool competitions on Tuesday.

At the CIJE VEX Tournament in Long Island, the Robotics Team achieved finishing positions of Second and Third Place out of twenty-seven schools! In Philadelphia, the Debate Team achieved All Around Best Team in a competition of seven yeshiva high schools, including Prospect Park High School, Shevach High School, and Kosloff Torah Academy. Congratulations to First and Third Place debaters respectively, Ayala Shoob and Baily Levin.

We are proud of our competing students not only for your success but for the beautiful ways of team work, derech eretz, and tzniyus, with which you represented our school, our community, and our Torah way of life!

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