Bais Yaakov Auction Leaves an ‘Impression’ 

Mrs. Judy (Margaretten) Landman, Bais Yaakov Class of 1992

Bais Yaakov Impressions Auction 2022 did just what it sought to do; leave an impression.  For the more than 600 women attending this gala event, the impression was that of a stunning evening, with delicious gourmet food with a twist (grilled fruit in caramel sauce!) prepared by Catering by Yaffa, and fun fare by way of an interactive game with friends. There was also the exciting silent auction with incredible prizes to be won! 

Walking into the brightly and well-lit Martin’s West main ballroom, one immediately felt the glamour and panache that was so beautifully, creatively and tirelessly prepared for months in advance by the team of volunteers led by chairwoman, Mrs. Perri Goldenhersh, along with the hardworking Bais Yaakov development staff, under the leadership of Rabbi Aaron Gross.   First and foremost, however, to be appreciated are all the dedicated teachers and hanhalah of this long-time and renowned educational institution, without whom our chinuch habanos could not perpetuate.

As a graduate of 1992, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed in a good way by the loveliness of the evening that proceeded smoothly and effervescently for the women of our community.  Yes, it was a fundraiser for one of the founding pillars in our community, however, I feel that it was also a gesture to the mothers and the moros in our community. We know that there are shloshah shutfin b’adam, three partners in the creation of man; the mother, the father and of course the Ribono Shel Olam.  In chinuch, there are also three; the mother, the father and the mechanech. The evening was a representation of the collaboration of this partnership.  We were able to thank the school and the school was in turn able to appreciate the dedicated teachers and parent body by providing a relaxing and enjoyable, pressure-free (!) environment.

In fact, when the professionally produced video presentation of the students was shown, the people working at Martin’s West commented on the real beauty of the evening, which to quote from our alma mater, and us BYB oldies will surely recognize this, was “tifarteinu u’gevruaseinu,” the beauty and strength that is the hallmark of Bais Yaakov of Baltimore.

I conclude with the rest of Bais Yaakov’s original song: “There’s a school we all love well! Loud and long its praise we’ll tell… school of high ideals, school of unity, that’s the school for you and me.”

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