Back-to-School with Jewish Educational Services and SHEMESH (JES) 

Do you ever wonder what educators do over their summer break?  Go on trips to exotic locales? Take leisurely walks? Read novels? Put their houses in order? Guess again!! Most of the educators we spoke to spend a good deal of their summer getting ready for the new school year.  In addition to preparing new worksheets and bulletin boards they’re participating in a variety of professional development workshops, many of which were sponsored by Jewish Educational Services.  Isn’t that amazing and wonderful?  According to the National Education Association, the more professional development teachers get, the more likely students are to succeed. 

At JES, we couldn’t agree more. In fact, we also believe that training and supporting teachers results in teacher retention- an issue that schools all over the country are struggling with.  JES can offer targeted and personalized PD to meet the needs of individuals schools.  In addition to general education classroom teachers, we offer training for special educators and teachers in early childhood.   Last June, shortly after school ended, 30 teachers from a range of local and Silver Spring Day Schools participated in a JES sponsored 2-day workshop on Differentiated Instruction.  Starting in mid- August, JES ran nine different back-to-school workshops that saw over 300 Baltimore community teachers from Early Childhood through High School participating.  Proactive and Positive Classroom Management, Loving Every Child: Supporting Behavior in the Early Childhood Classroom, Engaging All Learners, and The Power of Games were just some of the topics covered.  Much of the focus of these workshops was on teachers believing that students will do well if they can (a Ross Greene tenet) and our role as coaches in guiding them to being their best selves.  

Here’s some of what the teachers and administrators had to say: 

Wow! The workshops were wonderful, really great. Thank you so much for investing in us!  Dr. Susan Insel, General Studies Coordinator, Torah Institute 

Our back-to-school PD was very informative. It was eye opening to see how exercises and activities practiced as an infant can make a huge impact on older children and possibly adults. The PD kept our educator’s attention as we were thoroughly engaged with the presenters. Adriane “Andy” Brooks, Assistant Director, E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center 

They were amazing! We all thought it was a meaningful and productive use of time. Jennifer Platt, Director, E.B. Hirsh Early Childhood Center

Thank you so much- it was such an amazing experience! What a great way to kick off the summer.   Devora Goldstein, Teacher, Bais Yaakov ES 

I loved everything! Candi Green, Teacher, Talmudical Academy Preschool 

Amazing insights about Parent Communication! Chani Mayer, Special Educator, Talmudical Academy 

Jewish Educational Services is committed to training and supporting teachers in addition to recognizing them for their dedication and passion!  Through our Todah Teachers program, we show our appreciation for all the educators in our community, and through our Professional Development Institute we provide training and coaching.  We wish all the educators and administrators in the Baltimore community a happy, healthy, and successful school year!!

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