WITS Career Day 2023

On Sunday, November 19th, more than 115 women gathered at the Women’s Institute of Torah Seminary & College (WITS) for their highly anticipated annual Career Day. More than just a gathering of professionals and students, Career Day is a dynamic forum where young women gain exposure to diverse fields of work, gain knowledge to make […]

A Glimpse of Our Very Exciting Day!

The nursery at Toras Simcha enjoys hands on learning and are always enhancing their curriculum with fun and excitement. In honor of learning the letter Ches, they invited a Chaveirim volunteer to talk about the important work that he does. He also brought his truck that the boys got to get a good look at! He then […]

Panama: A Tropical Kosher Paradise

STAR-K/Margie Pensak Looking for a close tropical get-away as the mercury drops? A high of 90 and a low of 76 between late December and April sounds pretty good to me right now! Not only for the Atlantic or Pacific coastal island – or rainforest – experience, but for an equally exciting Kosher culinary experience. […]

Ohr Chadash Academy and Ner Tamid Host SNL!

Ohr Chadash Academy’s first Saturday Night Learning (SNL) of the year, in partnership with Ner Tamid, was a huge success, with almost 200 people ready to take on Torah learning, and enjoy pizza and raffle prizes! We can’t wait to see children and their parents on December 2 for the next Motzai shabbos of learning!

Alumni Asifa in Eretz Yisroel with Harav Tzvi Berkowitz

On Tuesday evening, Nov. 14th, the Yeshiva hosted an asifa in Eretz Yisroel for alumni at the Ezras Torah Hall in Sanhedria Murchevet. Harav Tzvi Berkowitz delivered divrei chizuk regarding the current matzav in Eretz Yisroel. This was a unique opportunity for talmidim of Ner Yisroel to hear directly from one of their Rebbeim despite being […]


Yaacov Singer TEAMADI Coordinator  In the heart of Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge stands as an iconic symbol of connection, spanning the majestic Chesapeake Bay and linking the eastern and western shores of this beautiful state. Once a year, this engineering marvel transforms into a beacon of commitment and unity as more than 20,000 participants […]

Parshas Vayishlach

Rabbi Berel Wein Many commentators over the ages have seen in the two confrontations between Yaakov and Eisav – first the struggle with Eisav’s angel and then the meeting with Eisav in the flesh – the two-front war that Judaism and the Jewish people have been forced to fight over millennia in order to simply […]