Chayeinu Partners with OCA to Educate Middle School Students on Substance Use Prevention

Ohr Chadash Academy’s middle school students are the new experts on substance use prevention. Over the course of two interactive classroom presentations each, the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades separately learned from Chayeinu’s expert team of educators what substance use disorder is, focusing on preventative factors. The educators were Esti Ziffer, Chayeinu President; Dr. Michael […]

The Magic of TA Grandparents Day

Photo Credit: Esky Cook On the morning of Friday, May 20th, there was magic in the air at TA, as over 850 grandparents, great-grandparents, and special friends came to TA for an unforgettable experience.  This was TA’s 5th Grandparents’ Day in recent years, and it proved to be an incredible experience to all those who […]

 Rabbi Rubin, Kehillas Ohr Yisrael

Q: Rabbi Rubin, can you tell us a little about yourself? Are you a native of Baltimore?  RR: I actually grew up in Toronto and came here to learn in Ner Yisrael almost 13 years ago and haven’t left since! Baruch Hashem, my wife (who I schlepped down here from New York) and I are […]

Rabbi Dave Finkelstein – Shoresh

Tell us about yourself I was born in Memphis, Tennessee to a mom who was originally from Shanghai, China, and to a father born in Mississippi. How’s that for a long range Shidduch? I moved to Baltimore in 1976, following in my brother Sam’s footsteps to attend Ner Yisroel. My sister Sara Shachter then followed […]