A New Way to Bring in Shabbos

Ner Tamid Congregation kicked off its inaugural community “Oneg Shabbos Outdoor Minyan.”

The event was sponsored and organized by Ner Tamid members Menachem Mendel and Liza Davis. Mendel and Liza wished to provide the community with “A New Way to Bring in Shabbos” where participants would look forward to connecting with one another before davening outside – – together and surrounded by nature.

Dani Prero, the chazzan for the evening, noted, “It was a beautiful event that was in the perfect setting to inspire and uplift all those that attended. It’s easy to lead a davening when you have people who are involved, eager, and want to be inspired in a way that was missing from the Baltimore scene.”

Following davening, there was a sold-out and delicious Friday night Shabbos dinner (with a special discount for those 35 years old and under!) It was attended by nearly 200 people.

“Looking around the room on Friday night, there was no distinction of age, marriage status, or observance level. We were all part of something, living up to Ner Tamid’s motto: “Something for Everyone,” said Rochel Ziman, Executive Director, A Single Impact.

Adina B echoed the feeling that many others had during the special evening stating, “It just felt like everyone came together as one big Baltimore family.”

The next Oneg Shabbos Outdoor Minyan and dinner will be on July 1st. Those who may be interested in the special July 4th weekend BBQ dinner can reserve a place at the table by visiting nertamid.net.

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