613 Seconds with Jaclyn Sova, Founder of BG Cubed

BJH: Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, and what brought you to Baltimore?

JS: My name is Jaclyn Sova, and I’m originally from New York. I moved to Baltimore a few years after I got married. Initially, we thought it would be short term for my husband’s residency, but we ended up settling down here. I have been teaching since I moved here, but since then I also launched BG Cubed, which has been a significant part of my life.

BJH: Speaking of BG Cubed, could you give our readers more insight into what the organization is and your role in it?

JS: BG Cubed was born out of conversations around the Shabbos table about how we can bring out the best in every girl. We found that girls were looking for more growth, connection, and inspiration outside of the classroom. We wanted to provide an outlet for them to connect with each other, find mentors, and role models. Our girls make friendships across grades, have fun in a frum environment, have deep and growth-oriented learning and leadership opportunities, and develop relationships with madrichot. Essentially it’s about building themselves and building relationships. 

Our many events throughout the year offer high school girls different entry points to connect and grow. We have been continuously adapting and expanding our programs to meet those needs. We host many events including chaburas, speakers, chagigahs, challah bakes, and fun trips.

BJH: That sounds like an important initiative. Could you tell us how BG Cubed grew over the years?

JS: Absolutely. BG Cubed started off small, and our first event was Rabbi Engelsberg speaking at a shalosh seudos. Over 200 girls attended, and that’s when we realized the demand for our organization. The organization is  built on four key connections: girls connecting with other girls, their own personal growth, mentors and role models, and their relationship with Hashem. As we grew over the years, we recognized the need to professionalize and develop our programs. Fortunately, the Orthodox Union and NCSY recognized the value of creating programs for our girls so we recently merged the organizations. 

BJH: You’ve clearly made a significant impact. Could you share more about where you teach?

JS: I currently teach Limudei Kodesh at Bnos and Bais Yaakov. I previously taught at Beth Tfiloh. 

BJH: Could you share a role model or some advice that has shaped who you are today?

JS: My father has given me a valuable piece of advice: “Reach high, but keep your expectations low.” This has helped me find a balance between striving for excellence and maintaining realistic expectations to avoid disappointment.

BJH: That’s indeed a balanced perspective. As we wrap up, how can others get involved with BG Cubed? Any plans for future growth?

JS: We’re always looking for high school leaders and ambassadors who can help shape our programs. For post-seminary girls, being a role model can make a huge impact. Parents can support us by providing opportunities for leadership or contributing in various ways to help our programs thrive. For post seminary girls we offer the opportunity to apply to become a madricha to become a role model for our girls and have a huge impact. We are currently working on a course that will give girls an opportunity to earn a Leadership Certificate.

Don’t miss our upcoming events: BG Cubed Challah Bake on September 5th and Mrs. Jackie Bitton for the girls/women of the community on September 12th. If you would like to learn more, please visit our website www.bgcubed.com. We are so excited for a year of fun, growth, new leadership opportunities and meaningful relationships. We hope you are as excited as we are!

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