613 Seconds with Dr. Abraham Zuckerbrod 

Tell us about yourself:

I was born in Pittsburgh but my family relocated to Baltimore when I was very young.  I first went to TA and then commuted to High School in Silver Spring. I continued my studies in Shaalvim for two years and then Yeshiva University. It was there I made the decision to combine my passion for science with a desire to help others and study medicine. I earned a masters in vision science and completed my doctorate at State University of New York school of Optometry. I moved back to Baltimore from NYC in December of 2010 to complete a rotation at the Veterans Hospital in Ocular Disease. I began work in private practice optometry in August 2011 and worked continuously to help my patients see better and maintain healthy eyes. I live with my supportive wife Shana and our four kids in the Baltimore community. I sit on the board at Shomrei Emunah and Shoresh and I continue to try and help out the community when I can.  

What prompted you to open Ideal Family Eye Care?

I trained to treat many serious ocular conditions, and help patients of all ages.  I have practiced optometry for more than ten years and I spent most of my career treating the pediatric population with refractive and amblyopic issues.  This has been incredibly rewarding but I was not happy limiting my practice to one subset of the population. Additionally, my most recent opportunity to help others has been in a very different area of Baltimore.  I started Ideal Family Eye Care to expand my scope and provide care for a wider range of people including people in my community.  My goal is to provide quality examinations for all types of patients.  That way I can diagnose, treat and manage diseases, injuries and disorders of the eye for all ages.

What other services do you provide?

Our office provides full refractive services in order to prescribe accurate visual correction for all. Our expert team is ready to sell fashionable eyeglass frames and lenses with an assortment of add-on options.  We also fit, train and sell contact lenses.  We test for and manage binocular vision disorders with lenses, prisms and are expanding into vision therapy services as needed.  Our state-of-the-art equipment is critical so we can identify ocular diseases that go beyond optometric care and refer to ophthalmology for treatment as needed.  We have obtained new technology to provide full retina examinations without needing to be dilated.

What makes ideal Family Eye Care unique?

Our warm, friendly and inviting team that is knowledgeable and eager to help.  Our convenient location and accessible hours make us a logical choice.  Our professionalism and respect for all ages and people of all abilities allows us to provide a bond of trust with our patients.  Our sleek office and trendy frames assure our patients that they will look their best when they present their best face forward. 

Can you share a piece of advice? 

If you care for patients as you would for your own family then your treatment will go beyond eyecare and form a lasting relationship, a bond of trust between you and the families you care for. 

I hope, with Hashem’s help, to humbly provide excellent comprehensive eye care to all of my patients.

You can make an appointment to see Dr. Zuckerbrod at his new office by calling 410-864-2526 or by using the online schedule feature at www.idealfamilyeyecare.com.

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