Parshas Chayei Sara

Rabbi Berel Wein In truth, our mother Sarah, like many other mothers past and present in Jewish life, has not quite received her due. Rashi, quoting Midrash in describing Sarah’s life, states that all the years of Sarah’s life were “for good.” He must mean “for good” in a spiritual and holy sense, for in […]

Of Cats, Cattle, and Craters

Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow There is a worrying epidemic called “high-rise syndrome” that affects many New York families. Cases are more prevalent in the summer months. One New York City hospital reported three to five new cases a week in the summer. The sad part is that, according to experts, it is almost entirely preventable. The […]

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Allan Rolnick, CPA What’s the last thing you want to read about for fun, and why is it taxes? Writing about taxes is easy. Every day, there’s something worth reporting. Someone is always introducing legislation. The IRS is always issuing regulations. The Tax Court is always issuing opinions. Several news outlets, including Bloomberg, Politico, and […]