Finding your Starting Line

Net Worth Statements and Ending the endless failure of new year’s resolutions! New Year’s Resolutions…..great in theory, hard in practice. Just check gyms across the country the week after January 1st, and then about 3 weeks later. Emptied out a bit, huh? As well intentioned as resolutions can be, intentions alone aren’t always enough.  As […]

Beach Bums

Rabbi Zvi Teichman A superficial reading of the events leading up to the splitting of the sea reveal a massive deception taking place. The Jews ostensibly left for only a three-day journey. It was merely a ruse. Pharaoh gets wind of their intention not to return and pursues them with a vengeance.  G-d then instructs […]


cropped shot of psychotherapist writing on clipboard and female patient sitting on couch

By: Rabbi Azriel Hauptman Hypnotherapy is when one utilizes hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. The myths about hypnosis abound, as many people associate hypnosis with swinging pendulums and complete mind control of the one being hypnotized. Therefore, in this brief overview of hypnotherapy, we will try to describe what it is and how it works, and […]

Parshas Beshalach

Rabbi Berel Wein If a person lights even a small candle in a dark room, the resultant light is instantaneously recognizable. Even the flickering of the smallest of candle shines brightly in an enclosed space that is dark. However, if one is to light even a large candle in a room filled with brilliant sunlight […]