The Roseto Effect

Concept doctor to treat and care for patients with heart or about heart disease

By: Rabbi Azriel Hauptman We find something very peculiar about the Purim story. There seems to be a strong emphasis on unity. When Haman slandered the Jewish people to Achashveirosh, he said, “There is a certain people that is scattered and dispersed” (Esther 3,8), which can be understood to mean that they are not unified […]

613 Seconds With Ari Gross

Please tell us a little about yourself My name is Aryeh Gross but many know me as Ari. I was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ. I moved to Baltimore right when I got married to my wonderful wife Goldie. When we came to Baltimore, we knew a total of two people. We followed the […]

Year-end Money Moves

As 2021 draws to a close, now is a good time to consider smart money moves. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” may be an overused phrase, but behind every overused cliche there is some element of truth. The majority of financial outcomes are a function of consistent actions and behaviors as opposed to stellar […]

Good Spirits

Rabbi Zvi Teichman One of the earliest discoveries of an allusion in the Torah to the holiday of Chanukah is recorded by the 16th century Italian scholar, Rav Yehoshua Boaz in his work Shiltei HaGiborim. When the brothers return for a second time, this time with Binyamin, Yosef directs the man in charge of his […]

Bnos Yisroel – Creating Masterpieces

With tremendous thanks to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, we want to share how lucky we feel to be part of such a special community. Raising funds while still dealing with the effects of Covid has been challenging. And yet, thanks to your support, we were able to reach and exceed our campaign goal. Thanks to your […]

Bais Yaakov’s Impressions Auction Draws Rave Reviews

By: Mrs. Liba Steen This year’s Bais Yaakov Impressions Auction on November 21st, promised to be NEW and like no other, and asserted that one had better be game! The challenge was presented; who could resist? Within a few short weeks, the event was completely sold out, with over 500 admission tickets purchased and over […]

Kollel Nachlas Hatorah of Khal Machzikei Torah held a special Morning of Learning

The large crowd was privileged to hear from Harav Nechemiah Goldstein, Rosh Kollel of Nachlas Hatorah. The Rosh Kollel spoke about Minhagei Chanukah and presented the background and origins to the customs of giving Chanukah gelt, playing dreidel, and eating donuts. The audience was intrigued by Rabbi Tzvi Rosen, Star-K Kashrus Administrator, who gave a Shiur about […]